Sales process optimization and diagnostics

Sales process optimization and diagnostics
Delivery Time: Up to 3 days
Service Includes: Interviews, Program Review
Max Revisions: 1

Find out how good your sales process is and benchmark your new logo acquisition productivity compared to others. You will come away with a deep understanding of the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your go to market process; and how you compare to others. Most important, you will gain insights about how to improve things.

The key to a well-tuned and scalable sales process is having sales stages that advance the opportunity and inform the sales team about what to do next. If your win rates by stage are empirically indistinguishable from each other then you have the appearance of progress—without progress. If there are large gaps in your win rates by stage then you should consider adding an intermediate step instead of relying on something magical to advance deal. The sample win rate curves in the image here show both problems—considerable overlap of stages and significant gaps between stages. Taking actions to address these issues can improve your overall win rate and sales productivity.

This Funnelcast service is a one-time empirical audit of your sales process. You will also be able to use the win-rates to build forecasts and to optimize resource allocation.

Three sales cycles of opportunity history stored in your CRM with at least 50 wins.

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