Gong On Steroids (A.K.A Project Moneyball, Bespoke Revenue Intelligence)

Gong On Steroids (A.K.A Project Moneyball, Bespoke Revenue Intelligence)
Delivery Time: Monthly
Service Includes: Content Development, Interviews, Ongoing Support, Program Review
Max Revisions: 1

What is it?
Taking Gong to the next step by cross referencing call data with your teams’ performance.
Put simply – it’s a Bespoke Revenue Intelligence based on your GTM KPIs and surgical hands-on analysis.

What’s in if for you?
In most cases businesses realize that the main usage of Gong is listening to calls. Despite the versatile built in functionalities and amazing features, Enablement and Sales Ops leaders can’t allocate the required time needed to practice Gong to full utilization.
Project Moneyball helps businesses by offloading those tasks such as configuring tailored Trackers & rules, surfacing what works and what does not, and most importantly – providing Leaders with specific and surgical actionable insights.

How does it work?
We start our project with an overview of your existing Gong implementation. Based on whatever we find, we will recommend strategic action items to help your teams to leverage Gong implementation to full effect.

Next, we discuss your sales segmentation and GTM strategy.
Lastly, we will review your CRM data and Gong calls, blend the two sources together and share a report which includes visualized patterns of what works, and areas that require improvement.

Deliverables: Identified Patterns, Actionable Insights & Next Steps Recommendations

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