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The Payment System on The Enablement Market

We will continue to update this FAQ as we receive further questions.

How much money does The Enablement Market keep?

There are no fees to join, but transaction fees of 15% (lower than comparable sites) exist — review our terms of service if you have any questions.

Requesting Payout

I just got paid, how do I actually receive money?

The short answer is there is a Request Payout option under My Account -> Dashboard.  You can request the payout and it asks if you want a Check, Bank Transfer, or via Paypal. Enter the appropriate information in Details and submit and we initiate the process.

By default, we will pay out in increments of $100 automatically and will reach out every time your account reaches that level.  We are working to add a more automated flow but, as of now, we do not save your bank or PayPal information (we will add this in time).

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